Product Display Units fabricated for Boots Smooth Skin

Product Display Units fabricated for Boots Smooth Skin

Daytona Visual have produced custom product display units to showcase Boots Smooth Skin product in-store. The design was kept simple and curvaceous.

Cardboard construction was simply not going to be strong enough to withstand the long term rigours of Boots retail environment so the product display unit was made almost entirely from MDF, then finished with a custom hard wearing coating in Boots brand colours, blue and white. Graphics were later printed using Daytona’s direct to substrate print technology.

counter product display unitDaytona were proud of the results, saying; “the Boots product display unit is a great example of what our company is excels at… Custom product display units that represent the retail product perfectly, produced in-house and produced economically.”

All MDF components were produced in-house with Dayton’s CNC capability. This kept costs to a minimum whilst ensuring a high quality finish.

To finish the look and give the product display unit a dynamic feel, a custom made curved support was made from aluminium and frosted polypropylene.

For more information on Daytona Visual’s custom fabrication services for Product Display Units please call 01827 54551.

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