Cancellation Policy



If you wish to cancel a job, please inform us by telephone at 01827 54551 and in writing immediately to – All our orders involve customised production and cannot be resold. In addition, materials necessary for production may already have been purchased. Please note, there will be a cancellation fee if production of the order has started and or printed. If production of the order is complete, it will be invoiced in full. If production of the order has started, at our discretion, we will assess and invoice the costs incurred or invoice the job in full.


At Daytona Visual we strive for perfection. If on receipt of your print consignment you are anything less than delighted with the finished work please advise us within seven days. Your issue will be investigated urgently and we always aim to quickly resolve any issue.

Where the problem is clearly something that can be attributed to Us, we will re-print the job, send out replacement printing, and recover the defective batch. In the event that re-printing is not an option we will, where appropriate, negotiate a full or partial credit to compensate for less than perfect but useable goods.

Where the cause of the problem cannot solely be attributed to Us, we will seek to find a compromise remedy with you, either crediting the job in part or re-printing at an agreed cost.

Where the problem can be fully attributed to you, Daytona shall not accept liability in any part.

In the unlikely event that a satisfactory resolution can not be found between us, Daytona Visual will accept the resolution recommended by a third party arbiter. The arbiter being an independent third person accepted by us both.

Timeframe for raising a claim

  1. Complaints or claims will only be entertained if lodged by the buyer within seven days of receipt of goods by him, or if related to the transport of the goods within such time as will enable the seller to comply with the time limit and the procedure of the Railway Companies or other carriers by whom the goods were transported.
  2. The return of goods will not be accepted unless the seller or his representitive shall first have had the opportunity of examining same.