Daytona Visual join ESSA

ESSA Member

Daytona Visual join ESSA

Daytona Visual has become a member of ESSA, the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA). ESSA is a trade body representing the very best suppliers of goods and services to the events industry. With a focus on Health & Safety, education, business development and driving excellence and shared best practice, ESSA and its members sit at the centre of the events community both in the UK and overseas.

ESSA have established themselves over the last 10 years (merger of BECA & AEC 2007), and with their members they are the collective voice of the supplier and services sector.

Research shows that the ESSA membership badge is increasingly seen as a mark of quality and accountability. This can perhaps be best explained by the consistent, unanimous support that “standards” has attracted in every board level strategy discussion since the association’s conception, and that this is echoed by ESSA’s members in both qualitative and quantitative research projects and via direct feedback from customers. Furthermore the Board has tasked the secretariat to ensure it has a seat at the table on any platform where guidance, standards or policies are written which may have an effect on our members, so that members views are represented and incorporated into the decision making process, including HSE, BS & ISO’s. In terms of standards, the following sets out what it means to be an ESSA member and additionally describes some of the additional standards-based schemes that many members choose to adopt, often with support and guidance from ESSA Technical.

ESSA aims to raise awareness to the Events and Exhibition sector of the importance of using a contractor or supplier that is a member of a recognised association, giving the end user assurances of the best possible service.

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