GrafikPod expands into freestanding retail and product display system

grafikpod retail display system

GrafikPod expands into freestanding retail and product display system

Following the success of their GrafikPod Retail Display System, Daytona Visual have further developed the unit for retail and product display uses.

Having fulfilled it’s original criteria, Andrew Wassall of Daytona Visual added a fifth criteria to it’s purpose… “Design the extrusion with features allowing for customisation way beyond holding simple graphic panels”.

And so finally new tooling was set, and the design registered for GrafikPod. The side rail extrusions are key to its versatility enabling Daytona to accommodate internal lighting and a whole host of other retail and display possibilities.

In a little over 12 months since its launch, GrafikPod Retail Display System has been used to hold and display:

GrafikPod Retail Display System has also been adapted to act as corner station for a complete exhibition ceiling, with built in display screens and mood lighting.

GrafikPod has come a long way from its humble beginnings. If a customer has a display requirement in this area Daytona Visual will come up with the solution.

So successful has been the registered design that Daytona Visual have now launched GrafikPod Lite. Exactly the same principle but a smaller lighter section for cost effective but stylish presentation of smaller graphics up to 1600 high.

For full information go to GrafikPod Retail and Product Display System.

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