Product Display Units fabricated for Boots Smooth Skin

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Daytona Visual have produced custom product display units to showcase Boots Smooth Skin product in-store. The design was kept simple and curvaceous. Cardboard construction was simply not going to be strong enough to withstand the long term rigours of Boots retail environment so the product display unit was made almost entirely from MDF, then

Daytona produce custom retail display units for Virgin Media

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To promote their range of media services in various retail outlets, Daytona were challenged to design and fabricate a range of custom bespoke in-store retail display units. Working with Di Bond, aluminium, acrylic and Foamex materials, Daytona rose to the challenge and designed a range of sophisticated looking retail display units that were manufactured

Panasonic Lumix Foamex FSDU product display produced for London 2012 Olympics

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Daytona produce foamex FSDU to display the Lumix S3 camera for Panasonic during the London 2012 Olympics. Panasonic wanted the design to reflect the clean feel of the brand and it needed to be sturdy. It also had to built economically whilst being guaranteed to last for the entire duration of the games, without