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The masters of POS Cardboard Engineering

Daytona Visual lead the field in Point of Sale and cardboard engineering.

In this complex and skilled area of point of sale production Daytona Visual are here to make your journey as easy as possible. Our team here at Daytona Visual can concept, design and prototype any three dimensional point of sale project.

We have a huge passion for in-store POS and aim to make the path from prototyping and testing of cardboard POS to production and the shop floor a positive experience for our customers.

With the help of our highly experienced team combined with outstanding imaging technology and state of the art digital finishing and cutting tables, POS promotions can be visualised and mocked up quickly to a very high standard.

Working with a range of substrates and fluted boards, we can quickly produce prototypes that are an accurate pre-replication of the final product. Our award winning designs are used in many of the major national and international retailers.

• High quality Point of Sale POS and POP production:

• In-house design and fast prototyping services.

• State of the art high definition print.

• New in-house, automated digital finishing tables offer flexibility and economy.

fsdu group

The path of least resistance

At Daytona Visual we have a huge passion for in-store POS and aim to make the path from design, prototyping and production to the shop floor as easy as possible.

  • In-house design and fast prototyping services.

  • State-of-the-art, high definition print presses.

  • New in-house, automated digital finishing tables.

  • Flexibility and economy.

  • High quality POS and POP production.

  • A trade partner you can rely on, every time!

1. Concept

Projects can start from something as simple as a sketch on a napkin discussed over lunch, through to interpreting and delivering on a detailed commercial brief.

FSDU design
CAD design

Design ideas are developed in our KaseMake CAD environment or we can utilise our POS and POP display parametric libraries to quickly create stunning 3D virtual mock-ups.

2. Develop

3. Prototype

Our cardboard engineers can visualise and create high quality mockups quickly. Designs are developed and tested in our FSDU and POS prototyping department.

FSDU prototyping
large format flat bed

Print production is taken care of with the best large format image reproduction technology in the industry. Continuous investment gives our customers outstanding imaging solutions.

4. Production

5. Finishing

Along with our automated cutting and trimming technologies, all aspects of print finishing are kept in-house for tight quality control and best economy.

Auto Feeder DYSS-X5
pack and collate

Our in-house collation, packing and fulfilment services help ensure that all parts of your promotion reach their destination on time and within budget.

6. Collation

7. Fulfilment

Daytona Visual provide transport logistics with solutions to suit your requirements. Deliveries can be made using our own unbranded vans or by using our delivery partners.

Delivery and fulfilment

Our Core Services

When it comes to promoting your products and services, Daytona Visual will get you to where you need to be.

Industry leading, high impact, large and wide format print, point of sale production and display fabrication services all under one roof.

An unbeatable combination.

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