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The Ultimate Retail Totem

Retail display totem
  • Great value

  • Stylish

  • Replaceable graphics

  • Single or double sided

  • Flat or convex graphic

  • Contemporary finish

GrafikPod® Retail Display System

GrafikPod® retail display system is perfect for retail, display and exhibition environments where a permanent or semi-permanent retail display point is required. The graphic panels can be printed both sides allowing a change of message in less than a minute.

GrafikPod® retail display system will look good and stay looking good in high traffic areas such as a foyer, showroom, exhibition or instore.

Complete Custom Design

The unique registered design of GrafikPod® allows the basic shell to be customised in many ways. As a slat wall retail display, a shelving retail unit, a digital screen display, GrafikPod® retail display system makes a simple stylish and robust retail display solution.

Our in-house design engineers and CNC machining facilities allows for a complete customised retail or product display solution where required.

  • GrafikPod® retail display system
  • Internal lighting option for extra impact
  • Eurohook option for retail product display
  • Slat Wall option for retail product display
  • Display video or interactive media with a combined digital display module
  • Product display and retail shelving display

For rear illuminated graphics and posters, see GrafikPod® Totem Graphic Display. This unit be easily adapted to take internal lighting.

Graphic Totem

Retail Totem

GrafikPod Easy Totem

Easy Totem

Digital Totem