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Easy Totem. Easy as ABC…

Easy display totem

If you need a cost effective graphic system that’s easy on the budget, look no further than Easy Totem.

Easy Totem is more substantial than a popup roller banner, yet much easier and much more cost effective to replace graphics. Perfect for retail, exhibition and leisure. Easy Totem can be single or double sided. Save £££ with Easy Totem.

  • EASY TO CUSTOMISE    Compliment your branding or graphics with custom shapes.*

  • EASY ON YOUR BUDGET    Economical replaceable graphics.

  • EASY TO HANDLE    Lightweight yet solid construction.

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT    Short rail size and folding graphic panels.

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE    Easy Totem can be assembled in a few minutes, with just 4 parts.

  • EASY TO CHANGE GRAPHICS    Easily slide in and out without tools.

  • EASY ON THE EYE     Contemporary materials and modern design.

The choice is… easy!

Frame Kit

  • For 20+ qty please call

Graphic Panels

  • For 20+ qty please call

easy display totem

Graphic Totem

Retail Totem

GrafikPod Easy Totem

Easy Totem

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