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Large interior sign solutions and tension fabric system produced for Walsall Manor Hospital

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Daytona Visual have produced and installed a number of large interior signagesolutions for Walsall Manor Hospital, ranging from large acrylic signs to a massive overhead 8000x1300mm large format sign using the Tension Fabric System. As part of Daytona's mission to give customers a full and above satisfactory level of service, the install was successfully

What is Point-of-Sale Display? And how can it promote your products and grow your business?

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Point of Sale display, also known as POS, is a type of sales promotion found near the “point of sale” in shops, retail stores and checkout counters. These promotions are designed to attract attention to specific products, offers, events and seasonal promotions. Typical POS display items may include FSDU's, counter dispensers, leaflet dispensers, floor