Daytona produce custom retail display units for Virgin Media

To promote their range of media services in various retail outlets, Daytona were challenged to design and fabricate a range of custom bespoke in-store retail display units.

Working with Di Bond, aluminium, acrylic and Foamex materials, Daytona rose to the challenge and designed a range of sophisticated looking retail display units that were manufactured using their in-house fabrication division.

By using a predominately black background with flashes of red graphics, Daytona gave the retail display unit a finish that compliments the Virgin Media brand perfectly.

To attract attention, the custom retail unit has a clever ‘flash of red’ lighting effect designed using an integrated LED light strip and acrylic. By directing light through an acrylic sheet the lighting effect was intriguing and made them irresistibly eye catching. This clever effect subtly grabs the onlookers attention, but at the same time does not overpower the graphics or Virgin Media branding.

bespoke instore retail display unit

Each unit design was slightly different, making production a challenge. However, Daytona’s production team rose to the challenge, pulling together their skill and experience in retail display units.

For more information on Daytona Visual’s custom fabrication services for Retail Display Units please call 01827 54551.

custom retail display unit
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